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About Us

At Lane O’ Connor Accountants & Tax Consultants, we guarantee high quality service and dedicated customer care at costs you can afford. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, and can tailor our methods and Service to suit your individual requirements.

Lane O’ Connor Accountants & Tax Consultants has extensive experience in all sectors of Irish Business ranging from retail, construction, publicans and professionals to name but a few, but it’s our dedication to professionalism and customer service that will get you the results you need when you need them. With a skilled and versatile team of professionals, we offer a wealth of industry experience and expertise.

We’re equipped to tackle all manner of Accountancy and Taxation Services projects, and boast a rich and varied portfolio of work. Above all, we deliver results you can depend on, and advice you can trust. With a genuine breadth and depth of capability, at Lane O’ Connor Accountants & Tax Consultants we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

We are “business advisers and partners, not just a compliance necessity”.

Our focus is to provide a Service you can depend on by people you can trust. Since 2006, we’ve been delivering high quality Accountancy and Taxation Services to clients in the South East Region area and beyond, building a reputation for excellence, strength and affordability. We also believe in the power of partnerships, and strive to build unique and valued relationships with our clients. We don’t just work for you, we work with you, and we’re here to offer help and support every step of the way. Commitment, care and consultation are the hallmarks of everything that we do.

Registered Training Practice with Chartered Accountants Ireland

Lane O’Connor Accountants is a Registered Training Practice with Chartered Accountants Ireland specialising in Excellence in Training. We see those students training with us as a valuable resource and attach great importance to their development.

Chartered Accountancy provides the most dynamic and comprehensive programme of theoretical and practical training available. This is what differentiates the ACA qualification from any other. Every successful CA will have gained work experience under a training contract with the same firm, for a fixed period of time.

The period under training provides the structured environment where trainees, under the supervision of a member of Chartered Accountants Ireland, develop the professional values, technical functional competencies and the personal and interpersonal attributes that define the role of the CA.

Previous Success:

Noreen O’ Sullivan completed a 3.5 year training contract with Lane O’Connor from 2008 to 2011 and she achieved 1st place in Ireland in her CAP 2 exams and 6th in Ireland in her finals during her contract. We congratulate her on her excellent results.

Meet the team

See who is behind our award winning practice and put a face to the name of your new accounting team. Our team has years of experience and will offer you the best service available to ensure you succeed.

Marie Lane


Marie is a fellow of the “Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants” and an Associate of the Institute of Taxation in Ireland having recently graduated as a Registered Tax Consultant. Marie worked in industry for 12 years and was Finance Director of a leading Meat Group for 5 years, before taking up the challenge of setting up in practice. Marie is committed to providing a top quality service to her clients and her enthusiastic approach and belief in “going that extra mile” means that she is continually assessing her client’s requirements to ensure that all of their needs are met.

John O’ Connor


John is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland and is also an Associate of the Irish Institute of Taxation having recently graduated as a Registered Tax Consultant. He managed a large meat processing plant for 10 years and brings this extensive industry experience and wealth of Commercial knowledge to the practice. His open and approachable style is valued by his clients where he is available to discuss and advise on the many issues affecting them.

Rob Downey


With over 20 years of experience in financial services. With a particular focus on working with clients to put in place a long term financial plan and a tax efficient estate plan to assist them, their families and future generations.

General Questions

Why do I need an accountant?

Isn’t it just larger businesses that need an accountant?
Of course not, even the smallest business can benefit from advice on ways to minimise tax and manage their accounts. If you prefer, we can handle all of your bookkeeping, regular management accounts and VAT returns on your behalf. The added benefit of us being involved is that having prepared the books it makes the final accounts much easier, saving time and keeping costs down.


Is it expensive to use an accountant?

Working with an accountant is an added cost to any business. However, the cost should be offset by the value they add. We work closely with our clients to achieve their goals. By getting to know you and your business well, we can tailor what we do specifically for your needs and your strategy, thereby adding value.


How do you charge?

We aim to provide you with a fixed fee quote that will cover the areas we will work on together. This will be based on the complexity and volume of the tasks involved. Should any additional assignments come up during the year then we will provide a quote in advance, unless the matter is urgent and it is in your best interests to take action on your behalf. We offer you the chance to pay our fees monthly and avoid having a large invoice in one go, which helps your cashflow. One thing is for sure, if you telephone with a query you won’t get a bill. We want you to let us know how you are.

Can I maintain my own accounting records?

If you want to keep your own accounting records, then that is fine. If you need some help then we can give you some training. Ensuring that you understand the best way to prepare your accounting information makes it easier for us to complete your accounts or tax return. If we do this for you then you can concentrate on running your business.


I've been up and running for a couple of years. How can you help me?

Sometimes it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes look at your business. We will listen to you and firstly understand the history of the business and then how you want to develop it. We can carry out a “healthcheck” of the operating systems, management and financial reporting in place; advise on any matters arising and recommend any actions required. All designed to match up with your goals, which we established at the outset.