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You will have your own question about your family’s finances that prompted you to seek advice. Your own preferences and circumstances mean that the answer needs to be specifically tailored to you and your family. By sitting down and understanding your uniqueness we want to be able to help you answer all of the below in the affirmative…….

  1. If you or your partner dies prematurely, your family’s lifestyle will not be fatally compromised:
    1. Your family will stay in their home.
    2. Education plans will remain financially on track.
    3. The family’s business, if you own one, won’t have to be sold at a disadvantageous price.
  2. Similar outcomes will prevail in the event of disability or long term illness.
  3. Your children and/or grandchildren will
 be able to afford the very best education for which they can qualify, without still being saddled with loans.
  4. You will be able to retire at a time of your choosing and on your own terms, with a 
high degree of confidence that you will never outlive
 your income — that your dignity and independence will
 not be undermined by up to three decades of rising living and medical costs while you are in that phase of your life.
  5. You will never become a financial burden to your children even if 
nursing home stays are required.
  6. Even as retirement income rises to offset inflating living costs, your capital will continue to grow over time, leaving meaningful legacies 
to the succeeding generations.
  7. Estate taxation (CAT) won’t force the sale of your family’s important assets (homes, business, etc.). This liability will be funded out of the residual capital, and/or 
it will be insured.

If you want this for you and your family, then, you are the type of person we want to work with.


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