9 ways to hire and hold on to great staff

“Money and finance is not the reason to stay in a company. People have to want to be there, be passionate for their job and to find it enriching. It’s not about beanbags or free food either.”

“It’s about the relationships people have in work whereby they’re taking ownership and control of their own future within the job. That’s what drives success and ultimately sees companies win out.”

John Ryan is CEO of Great Place to Work which surveys what makes a great workplace atmosphere and he joined Mairead Fleming of Ascension Executive Recruitment on this week’s Ready Business podcast to discuss the topic of ‘Hiring & Holding on to Great Staff’.

What to look for when hiring? asked presenter Brian Purcell.

“Hire for attitude over skill,” explained Fleming. “A person can have less experience but if they are committed and positive they will go further.”

As to how to attract top talent, Ascension’s MD advises Irish SMEs to ‘remember they offer variety in their workplace whereby people can make a difference and get involved across a range of areas in a smaller firm.’

For Ryan, business owners need to focus on nine key areas to be brilliant at when dealing with staff:

1. Inspiring

2. Speaking/Communicating

3. Listening

4. Thanking

5. Caring

6. Developing

7. Hiring

8. Celebrating

9. Sharing

For their #readybusinessadvice, Mairead Fleming pointed out that the old notion of a job for life is gone.

“You can be there too long and can become institutionalised. It’s not a bad thing to move every so often.”

Paula, a listener, asked about making her CV stand out.

“Make it show the full person, show interesting and fun aspects to your personality – projects you do outside the work world, plus don’t forget to tailor your CV to the job spec,” says Fleming.

How important are social outings for staff? asked Liam in Mallow.

“They are important as a means of rewarding employees and as bonding exercises but if you’re the boss leave early!” says Ryan.

As to their final pieces of advice, Mairead Fleming believes, ‘if you want something, go ask for it, you just never know what you might get in return!’

While for John Ryan, “don’t have regretted losses – keep the people you have to keep. For employees, don’t be in the wrong job, wrong fit or wrong workplace culture. And for business owners, the future currency is all about trust between you and your staff.”

On next week’s Ready Business show, we talk to Catherine Moonan, author of The Pitch Coach, Your Guide to Presenting, Interviewing and Public Speaking so send in your questions on Twitter to @Brian_Purcell using #readybusinessadvice.

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